PRINTS- etching and relief prints

I use traditional printmaking methods including single and multiple plate copper etchings. I also uses soft and hard ground, aquatint and other techniques, all of which are used to produce the final copper plate, which is then hand printed on high quality rag paper.   These are all hand inked and printed original prints, not commercial reproductions. 


Original prints are distinguished from offset and giclee reproductions in that they are not mechanical copies of paintings, but are original multiples, hand made and hand printed in small editions and therefore valuable. They are usually historic techniques: woodcuts, engravings, etchings, lithography, silkscreen etc. My interest is in the intaglio, or ‘under the surface’ technique, which includes etching, engraving, aquatint and drypoint. Recently, I have also been exploring relief prints- linoleum and woodblock prints.






The basic method: Starting off with an idea, a sketch and plate of copper, I coat the plate with an acid resistant ground (wax). Then, with a needle, I draw the image into the ground, exposing the copper below. Next, the plate is immersed in acid which etches lines into the copper. This step is often repeated in order to get the desired effect. Once the image has been etched into the copper, I hand rub ink into the etched lines; excess ink is carefully wiped off the surface of the copper plate. Dampened rag paper is then placed on top of the inked plate which is rolled through the press under lots of pressure and with luck and skill out comes the finished etching.
Added Techniques: Aquatint is a method by which I dust the plate with rosin dust, melt it, and then expose the plate to the acid so that the plate prints in a tone. I use this as well as straight line etching in the same print-e.g. “Main Street”  which is also printed with 2 plates one after the other, carefully registered, to add more colour.

Main Street- 2 plate etching 12″ x 24″


Drypoint is a technique where the image is directly scratched into the plate, often with a diamond tipped needle, instead of using the resist/acid bath method. It produces a softer more delicate line.

Strawberry Flowers- drypoint 4″ x 10″


Chine Colle uses very thin Japanese paper, brushed with wheat starch glue and sandwiched between the plate and the paper and rolled through the press. The coloured background of “Buddy’s Point” is created using this method.

Buddy’s Point – etching & chine colle 10″ x 24″



The following etchings and relief prints are available.

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Blue Sun  –  copper plate etching 12″ x 24″


Old Friends – etching 12″ x 12″



Mabou Under Snow- etching 10″ x 24″



Buddy’s Point – etching and Chine Colle- 10″ x 24″


 Skating on the Beaver Pond – 2 plate etching 18″x12″


Xavier Hall from the Schwartz Building- 3 plate etching-9.5″ x 25″


Anghiari, Tuscany- etching- 9″ x 7″


Joe K’s- etching & aquatint 9″ x 18″

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All these editions of prints are sold out.  

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Main Street- 2 plate etching 12″ x 24″


Cape Mabou -2 plate etching & aquatint 12″ by 24″


"Twilight" 2 plate etching 2010

Twilight- 2 plate etching 15″ x 12″