The New Print is 10 in by 24 in

HOT OFF THE PRESS     “Buddy’s Point” – etching with chine colle´  2011

“Gerard & Joe Jack Will” oil painting chosen for the Kingston Prize Portrait Exhibition at                                                    the Royal Ontario Museum,  Toronto, Ontario

CBC Calendar

CBC Radio’s Information Morning has released the “Sharing the View” Calendar for 2012. Anna’s oil painting “Morning at Mahoneys” is featured in August and all the paintings will be auctioned off to benefit Feed Nova Scotia. ( The calendar is available now at Sobeys Stores & CBC Radio.

“Old New  Scotland”

The Braes of Mabou Harbour-oil

Anna is also working towards a second major exhibition in her series “Old New Scotland”, paintings that reflect the landscape of the Highland Scottish settlement in Eastern Nova Scotia and Cape Breton Island. Details and exact dates will be announced soon.

Anna is one of the artists featured in the book

“From Land and Sea”

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